2014. október 28., kedd

Chocolate ice cream

This is made from polymer clay and wood. After baking I painting this with acrylic paint.

2014. október 27., hétfő

Treasure chest and key

This made from wood and the key is from polymer clay.

Tomato and plate

There is haven't any particular, because this is made from polymer clay. After baking I painting samples to the plate.

2014. október 25., szombat

Paint storage and devices

The storage is made from wood and finally I'm painting with acrylic paint. The most of the devices is made from wood. But they have sponge, yarn and textile.

2014. október 24., péntek

I have a new thing :)

In yesterday I got an Efcolor stove. I'm now very happy :). With this "stove" I'm faster baking the polymer clay and this is just three candles requires.

Books and bin

The books is made from paper and carton. The bin is made from wood. The book's covers I made with PhotoShop. This is an easy tutorial.

Chocolate and candy

Of the candis I made tiny clay balls and after I'm wrapped in cellophane. Of the chocolates I search small choco papers on the internet, printing and a piece clay put to it.

Black cat

This is made from clay and yarn, First I make a clay cat, after baking I'm glued to it cut into small pieces of yarn. After I'm painted for this eyes and nose.

Egg on plate

The egg is made from Fimo deko gel and the yellow part is from clay. The plate is made from clay too. When I'll have a Youtube channel to I put how I made this. The size is about 3 cm.

Pizza Cake :)

I don't know how I found out but I' make it as I found. First I made a cake basis, after that I made a little pizza. Finally I'm texturing and done. This was easy.


I've done some donuts but this is the newest. To the second donuts I put Fimo deko gel and I scattered some grated fired clay to it. They are very cute :)

Strawberries and cutting board with knife

I'm made it of a bigger icecream rod and a slim walled cans. The strawberries and the knife's handle is made from polymer clay. I'm cut a slice wood piece and I paint it with acrylic paint diluted with water. After baking I'm glazing the strawberries. The whole is about 2,5x2 cm.

Chess Set

The idea came from when I searching on Pinterest I seen a tiny wood chess set. After that I this think how I going to make an similar. So I'm made a chess set from polymer clay.
The plat is about 5x5 cm. The figurines is about 1x3 mm. The little box is made from paper, after that I'm painting with acrylic paint.

First Entry

This is my polymer clay and miniature blog. My work's pictures going to put here.
For now I'm just working with Fimo. Later I'm trying the Sculpey and the Cernit clay.
Now I'm not just using clay and deco gel, only I working with wood and paper. After a while I create a Youtube channel where to I'm puting videos and tutorials. I hope you will like this blog :).